What Dementia Taught Me: Part 2

Let’s face it, when going to battle with the diseases of Dementia and Alzheimer’s all bets are off. We most certainly need to gather as much information as possible and learn everything we can about these conditions but in the end, we usually fly by the seat of our pants. We need to make daily adjustments to the way we cope and manage the care and lives of those we care for. I always say that my caregiving journey helped me earn my Ph.D. from the University of the Seat of My Pants.

This was not easy for me. My type A, control freak personality likes everything in neatly organized boxes so when my Mom was diagnosed with Dementia I thought I had it covered and approached it in a systematic, calculated way with expectations of knowing how to handle it all smoothly.

Anyone reading this who is dealing with this disease is laughing out loud. While the symptoms, stages, progression, and results of these devastating conditions follow the same path in general, every single case is unique just like the people who have it. While it’s possible to be prepared for some of the situations and circumstances no one can predict how our loved ones will process or respond either to the symptoms or the treatments. The only way to calculate how to care for someone with dementia is to know that you can’t calculate or predict anything at all. It takes no prisoners and destroys everyone in its wake.

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