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How to Forgive Someone You Care For

This is not the case for me but it is so often for a lot of you out there. Careing for somebody is hard enough for somebody you love dearly but how do you keep going if the one you now are careing for have hurt or injured you in the past.

This article below deals with the issue in an excellent way:


So many of us end up caring for people who have hurt or injured us. We do it after considerable thought, making a big decision that it’s more important to care for that person than to allow the feelings about the injury stop us caring for them.

 We are then faced with the dilemma of what to do with those feelings. If we still hold anger or resentment, the interaction with those we care for it can be pretty uncomfortable making the caregiving so much harder.

 In my case, it wasn’t just one instance or two but a lifetime of arguments and not getting along with my Mom. She could set me off the minute I was near her. I carried a lifetime of anger, resentment, and fear with me when I began my caregiving journey with her.  

I knew I had to forgive her, not for her sake but for mine. She would still trigger me, but forgiveness was the magic weapon against all this toxic resentment and fear I harbored. So I began a slow and painful process of forgiveness. Spoiler alert, I got there eventually. When my Mom passed we were both at peace.  Here’s what helped me.


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