Helping caregivers to survive caregiving


Caregiving has very much been part of my life ever since I was a child. My mom had a heart condition which meant my dad, me and my sister had to help her daily as there was loads that she was not able do.

Then one day I met Les and he told my he had Parkinson’s disease. I did not think much about it. To me this was just an illness like any other.

We got married and for years both of us did not really take any notice of the illness. We both knew he had it but we also both tried to do all normal stuff and never let the illness stop us from doing what we wanted. We were very lucky as his symptoms were not prominent at all.

My dad really stepped up and took on himself the whole business of running a household like cleaning and clothes washing to name the few. I myself among other things remember having to help my mum to carry heavier things.


Few years ago his condition worsened a lot. He had very little control over his body, ended up having a fall. The outcome was a broken hip that needed replacing. This was a turning point and a wake up call. I had to face it I became a caregiver. I no longer was just a wife to a husband with an illness. I was a full time caregiver.

First three months after he came back from hospital were extremely tough. I had all sort of thoughts to say the least. I really struggled and felt drained, exhausted, angry and alone.

I really did not think I could do it. But step by step it got better.


I am setting this website up for myself and all of you caregivers that need help in your daily life. I am mainly going to concentrate on creating messages and other products with motivation and inspiration in mind and the focus will be you and me the CAREGIVER.


Yes you heard right, you have to put yourself first and take care of yourself first. Being a caregiver demands enormous physical and mental strength. So we better find the way to always keep it topped up.