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Which Areas of Your Life Need Improvement?

When self-care comes to mind, many of us may associate the practice with baths, naps, and yoga. And while those are definitely a few ways to address your needs, self-care encompasses far more than that. In fact, according to the self-care wheel created by trauma prevention expert Olga Phoenix, self-care includes six parts that are vital to managing stress and achieving happiness and life satisfaction. “I originally designed the self-care wheel for me, personally, as a tool to get to that seemingly unattainable place of life balance, meaning, and contentment,” Olga told POPSUGAR. “It is an empowering, affirming, and positive tool, comprised of six dimensions: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, personal, and professional. Each dimension represents a part of our lives which requires our daily attention.” Effectively practicing self-care requires making sure the needs of each of the wheel’s dimensions are met with meaning, and evaluating which areas still need improvement. Check out a breakdown along with examples of how you can work on your mind, body, spirit, and beyond. And keep scrolling to see the wheel in full! 44867816 Physical Exercise Sleep Unplug Eat healthy Be sexual Get regular medical checkups Psychological Go to therapy Journal Self-reflect Relax Ask for help Do something creative Emotional Laugh Find a hobby Practice self-love Cry Forgive Cuddle with your pet Spiritual Spend time outdoors Meditate Volunteer Practice yoga Pray Get inspired Personal Create a vision board Get out of debt Establish goals Spend time with loved ones Learn who you are Cook Professional Leave work at work Take vacation, sick, and mental health days Plan your next career move Take lunches Avoid working during days off Learn to say no Image Source: Olga Phoenix

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